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S a c r e d  I m a g e s

    Dreams... Judith had a dream of this cross in January, 2003, before she began to paint on canvas.  After sketching it in the middle of the night, she kept it handy for the time when it would be painted.  Finally in September of the same year, she completed the painting and named it "Twelve". 

     In the spring of 2004 Judith studied with a Tibetan painter of Buddha. At the Lowe Museum of Art in Miami, Florida, she learned the complexities of the correct representation of Buddha. Her teacher is a master, Karma Phunstock, now a resident of Australia. He has had showings all over the world and continues to travel and teach this wonderful art of painting.

Twelve, a painting by American Nature Painter, Judith A. Maddox Saylor at JAMS Artworks. Buddha,No.2, a painting by American Nature Painter, Judith A. Maddox Saylor at JAMS Artworks.

'Twelve' ©2013
Original acrylic on canvas (18"x24")
Giclee on canvas (18"x24") 

'Buddha, No. 2' ©2010
Original acrylic on canvas 
In a Private Collection.
Buddha, No. 2, was a painting featured in
Miami's "Where Magazine".

Ten Thousand Things

You shall draw everything and everyday.
You shall not wait for inspiration,
For it comes not while you wait, but while you work.
You shall forget all you think you know and,
Even more, all you have been taught.
You shall not adore your good drawings
And promply forget your bad ones.
You shall not draw with exhibitions in mind,
Nor to please any critic but yourself.
You shall trust none,
But your own eye and make your hand follow it.
You shall consider the mouse you draw as more important
Than the contents of all the museums in the world,
For you shall love, the ten thousand things with all of your heart
And a blade of grass as yourself.
Let each drawing be your first,
A celebration of the eye awakened.
You shall not worry about "being of your time",
For you are your time,
And it is brief.